MOOV Technology

Technology at the service of a more sustainable urban mobility

Direct Drives Motors for urban bikes

Electric traction systems at the forefront for more sustainable urban mobility

We have developed MOOV, an electric traction system based on a direct drive motor, powerful, light and regenerative that turns the urban bicycle into a perfect means of mobility to move around the city effortlessly.

MOOV solutions

Our Technology Moov Drive is based on the use of owned algorithms for electromagnetical calculation and an optimised mechanical design. Thanks to this we are able to achieve the motors with the best efficiency/weight/torque ratios and we can offer a European manufactured motor with the best performance in the market.


Technology with own development and European manufacturing
A gearless motor, silent and high performance

The heart of our system is the optimised Direct Drive motor. A gearless motor that is able to provide a very high torque directly to the wheel without wear, noise and with an excellent performance.

It makes reliable the regenerative mode which allows to provide extra energy to our battery thanks to the braking capability in the traffic lights and during downhill


Why choose MOOV Drive technology?
  • The lightest Direct Drive Motor

  • Noiseless and regenerative

  • Optimal weigth/efficiency/power ratios

  • Wheel integration Plug & Play

  • Own development & European manufactured

  • Expert and closeby Technical assistance