We are MOOV

We are passionate about cycling with extensive experience in traction and power generation technologies

The founding team of MOOV is made up of 3 senior engineers who are joined by a passion for cycling and traction and power generation technologies.

We provide a great previous experience in the development of solutions for other sectors such as wind energy, industrial sector and household appliances, that is why we have a wide international network of partners and suppliers in the value chain of electric motors.

Juan Carlos Ausin - Manager and Commercial
Juan Carlos Ausin
Manager and commercial
  • Irun (Spain)

Electrical industrial engineer and Doctor from the University of Manchester with more than 20 years of experience in the wind and photovoltaic renewable energy sector in companies such as Gamesa, CAF, Ennera and founder of Innventa Energia. He brings extensive experience as an innovation coach accredited by the European Union supporting new startups in their approach to the market. Performs the functions of management and business development.

Falk Laube - Electromagnetic design and validation
Falk Laube
Electromagnetic design and validation
  • Berlin (Germany)

Doctor electrical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the electromagnetic design of motors for leading companies in the household appliances sector such as Bosch and Siemens with hundreds of thousands of units sold worldwide, companies in the eolic sector and founding partner of M& L drives.
Andre Marcic - Mechanical design and production
Andre Marcic
Mechanical design and production
  • Kiel (Germany)

Senior mechanical engineer with more than 30 years as an engine development in industrial, wind and mobility sectors. for companies such as Volkswind, CAF, Ennera and LDW Starke Maschinen among others. He has worked with multinationals in the sector and has a wide network of collaborators in Europe and the Middle East. He is responsible for the mechanical design, production and control of the supplier network.

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Why choose MOOV Drive technology?
  • The lightest direct-drive Motor

  • Noiseless and regenerative
  • Optimal weigth/efficiency/power ratios

  • Wheel integration Plug & Play

  • Own development & European manufactured

  • Expert and closeby Technical assistance